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Our mission is to be a leader in professional, affordable pet care by offering a dependable, fitting service from an experienced, trustworthy pet sitting & minding specialist. I know you can't be with your pet 24/7, but you can aid your furry loved one in being more content while you’re away with assistance from a devoted professional.

Size Doesn't Matter

We provide:

  • Pet Sitting/Home Visits
  • Pet Minding
  • Pet Taxi
  • Pet Loving (free bonus!)
  • Dog Walking
  • Check Mail
  • Water Plants
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Pet Sitters Melbourne

Obeying your specific instructions, I care for your pet as if they were my own. We realise that talking to and coddling your pets is just as critical as watering, feeding, and walking them.

Our pet minding solutions give you the confidence and freedom to leave your house whenever you want, realising your furry family member is being taken care of by a highly trained professional pet lover with years of expertise in animal care. Additionally, I am certified in first aid for animals.

You and your furry family member are very important to us. My aim is to make their time with me, whether it is dog walking around Melbourne or pet sitting service in Melbourne, memorable and fun! Allow me into your home, and you can see for yourself how I cater to you and your pet.

Pet Taxi,  Pet Sitting, Home Visits

I have been in business for years and provide the best when it comes to pet sitting, pet taxi or cat minding. My devotion and mission are to be the most recommended business for pet minding in Melbourne, giving clients and pets the best when it comes to house/pet sitting and customer service


Meeting the individuals who will be in your residence taking care of your animals is a huge responsibility. Please contact me anytime during business hours to set up a time to meet. I would love to meet your furry loved ones, and you will see immediately see a solid reputation in the industry and with Melbourne pet owners.
When I first wanted to start my business, my aim was to create a safe and fun environment in which dogs and cats could stay at home, in familiar surroundings, instead of having to be put in a pet boarding facility. Even though most places claim to check for shots and any type of behavioural problems, you can never be too sure. Why should you take a chance with your pet? With me, you can feel 100% confident in the top-quality care that your pet is enjoying.

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Within a few months of providing pet minding in Melbourne, I had become known as the premier place in the area for in-home pet daycare and cat minding. Since then, my reputation as one of the most trusted businesses for pet sitting in this area has grown nonstop. I offer more than just pet minding. I provide a total lifestyle experience for you and your pet. From a personalised pet minding schedule to playtime with your  cat, Melbourne trained pet sitters cater to their individual needs.
I understand how to shower your furry friend with attention and love. From dog minding to cat minding, I realise how to make your pet feel good and well taken care of at home.

I know that every pet is unique, so I get to know their personal needs in order to give them the individual attention they deserve. With years in the same location, I know providing a fun, caring, and safe atmosphere for your pet is the only solution to having a happy pet.

My commitment to your animal’s well being is the foundation of my business. I receive continuing education via several pet care organisations, and I continue to be the very best in house pet sitting specialist in Melbourne.

With pet sitting, your cat or dog spend plenty of time outside to play, run, and exercise. I also provide treats (if you don’t have your own) so they can enjoy snack time as well as fresh water.
As a Melbourne pet sitter I'm devoted, passionate and love animals. I'm available all day, any day of the week including holidays. Your furry friend is always in the best of care because this is a career for me and not just a job.

If you are anything like me, you have a fantastic connection with your cat or dog. When you’re out of town, late night at the office, or on holiday, you want to ensure they’re with someone who will love them just as much as you do. That’s why I founded Colourful Paws, to bring you contentment while you’re away from home for an extended amount of time. Relax and leave them in great hands with a kind hearted pet sitter.

As a trendsetter in my field, I'm continuously raising the bar with regards to how I care for pets. I feel strongly about a healthy, fun and safe environment. I have years of expertise handling dogs and cats in any situation. I am trained to discover any issues before they even begin services.
I separate dogs and cats so that the tiny furry people can have fun at their own pace and the big furry family members can really release their energy. Any mishaps that happen while your pets are in my care are cleaned up ASAP. I care as much about the upkeep of your home as I am about the care of your pets. ​

pet sitting melbourne
melbourne pet sitter

What are your pet minding needs? My pet minding service guarantees that your pet has the most pleasurable experience ever.  I service your pet according to your schedule, and if you don’t have one, I’ll create one for the time we are minding your pet. If you have a last-minute emergency, such as a trip out of town or a last-minute business meeting, give me a call and I’ll take care of your pet while you’re away. You can depend on me, even after hours, on the weekends, or on holidays. Since day one, this has consistently been my  goal, to offer the best client service possible.

The certified pet minding crew is on call to give individualised care to your pet and guarantee that every visit from me is an exceptional experience. After all, caring for your cherished furry family member is what I do best.

And the way I do it is easy. I believe in letting pets be pets. Don’t you worry, I am here for you! I provide reliable and professional pet minding services with plenty of affection, love, and dedication for your dog and cat. I take care and love your animals in their own home environment as if they are my pets. Rendering Melbourne
I know how hard it is to find dependable, honest people who you can rely on to come to your house and care for your pets while you aren't there. Regardless if you’re taking a long holiday, a short business trip, or a just a busy day at the office, you can trust me in your house to take great care of your dog or cat. Why take your pet to pet boarding facility which can bring trauma and stress when I can cater to your needs?

pet sitter melbourne

You will find me to be devoted or reliable to give the best possible tender, love, and care for your four-legged loved ones. I am  trained and a respected Melbourne pet care provider who takes my job, keeping your treasured pets healthy and happy, very seriously. A list of reliable, positive references will be given to you quickly upon your request for any of our pet minding services. office fitouts

Did I mention that I am exceptionally animal-savvy and personable? Yes, I am well-versed in a diversity of behaviours and species. My aim is to give pet owners remarkable service while offering fun and comfort for our dogs and cats.

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I think of pets as more than just dogs and cats. I think of them as best friends and family members. I treat all the pets in my care as if they were our own pets. Additionally, I carefully supervise off-leash playtime, and enthusiastically engage dogs with fun games. Delicious all-natural treats and fresh-filtered water is all part of the experience. wellington home staging

Regardless if you need a pet sitter for a last-minute business trip or just wanting to have a night out with friends, I know your plans often come into conflict with your pet minding concerns. Let us be the one to provide a resolution. ​